Adult OCD

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Are You Obsessive? Or Compulsive?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (also known as OCD) is a psychological problem that is driven by anxiety. Read more...




Adult OCD

Warning Signs of OCD

Do you wish you had an “off” button so you could stop thinking about the same thing over and over? Do you feel the need to repeat a ritual that would be embarrassing if others knew what you were doing? Are you so competitive that if you are not the winner or the absolute best you feel deeply upset? Read more...




Adult OCD

DIY: Stop Obsessing

For those of you who like to do it yourself (DIY) consider the following self-help exercises: The 5 Minute Rule and Change the Channel are two kinds of behavioral options that you can try. Sometimes these kinds of exercises will help you to control unwanted or obsessive thoughts. It is best to practice these short exercises whenever you can; even when you are not anxious or obsessing. Read more...



Adult OCD

The Source of Anxiety that Drives OCD

Imagine an underground stream that feeds a pond. You can see the pond, the frogs, the water lilies, but not the underground source.This is what happens with obsessions; there is an underground stream that feeds the worry. That is why people with OCD seem to have a never ending source of anxieties, and an equally strong drive to try to control their surroundings and all the people in it. Read more...




Sleep for Adults

Understanding Sleep Problems

View videos of sleep issues

Sleep serves many physiological and psychological purposes. It is essentially a reset button for your organs and brain. When you sleep your brain is working, it is processing information it received during the day. When we sleep we are also resolving the psychological problems that we are facing; some of which are expressed in our dreams. Read more...



Sleep for Adults

What is Sleep Hygiene?

  • Go to sleep around the same time each night
  • Wake up around the same time each day
  • Allow yourself to relax before jumping into bed
  • Have a bed that is comfy and inviting




Sleep for Adults

Research on Sleep and Adults

  1. Women Worrying About Cancer Are More Likely To Experience Sleep Disturbances
  2. Getting Little Sleep May Be Associated With Risk Of Heart Disease
  3. Insomnia Among Returning War Vets Is As Severe As Patients With Chronic Insomnia
  4. Home Sleep Test For Diagnosing Obstructive Sleep Apnea Deemed Reliable
  5. Daytime Sleepiness Provides Red Flag For Cardiovascular Disease





Sexting: How typical is Anthony Weiner’s behavior?

On Tuesday, Weiner, 48, a New York City mayoral candidate, held a news conference admitting that he continued to engage in inappropriate online chats even after he was forced to resign from Congress in 2011 because he had sent graphic messages — including lewd photos of himself — to women on Twitter. Read more...




Sexting…Is It All About Power?

We conducted an online psychological survey that investigated sexting behaviors and power. We found that 66% of the group sexted. A description of the study and the complete results are presented here. Sexting is an important topic because it is a risky behavior that may endanger lives. However, it is also a widespread phenomenon that is prevalent among people between the ages of 13-26; namely those who have grown up with digital technology. Read more...