How to Stop Being a Victim

In order to change a behavior one has to be committed to the change. It takes time, effort and discomfort to establish a new pattern, a new way to respond.

Change the way you think:

This is the most important change. You need to stop thinking like a victim. Read more...




Vulture Culture: How We Encourage Bullying

Our vulture culture emphasizes a winner/loser mentality that encourages dominance and aggression. Extreme bullying, often using sexual slurs such as “gay, fag, slut and whore,” is becoming a common experience for students of all ages, and in particular, for children aged 11-13. Bullying will stop when individuals become assertive and protect themselves; when bystanders are proactive and protect victims, and when schools create a community of respect.



Profile of a Victim

The most powerful teaching method is called mirroring. Sometimes parents, themselves, are actually victims, or feel victimized, and act that way. They talk about how they have been taken advantage of, how things are not fair, and how they have been bullied.All kids mimic what their parents do. Therefore, they sometimes mimic their parents’ victim posture. Read more...



How Are Bullies Created?

Many people think that bullies are either insecure or have low self-esteem. Recent research shows that some bullies may fit this description, but many bullies have high self-esteem. The bully leads via intimidation. People follow to avoid being victimized. Read more...




Bully Prevention – The Role of the School

The school district has a significant role to play in the prevention of bullying. Administrators must create a climate that encourages a caring community and simultaneously they need to institute systems to report bully incidents. This section gives information on what schools should be doing to prevent bullying and how to handle bully and cyberbullying events once they have occurred. Actual flow charts and interview tools are provided. Read More...


Definition of Bullying

Praeger Handbook of Victimology

(Published on 08.31.09)