Consent doesn’t make hazing OK, judge rules

The judge’s ruling in this case is of immense significance. It states that victims of hazing are not held responsible because they could not consent to the hazing. This will have importance in legal cases. –Dr. Lipkins (link to article)


No clear definition of hazing poses enforcement dilemma, expert says

RALEIGH, N.C. – Universities in the Triangle suspended several fraternities and sororities in the last year over claims of student misconduct, including claims of hazing. But a psychologist who is an expert in the field says a lack of federal guidelines makes it difficult for police to identify incidents of hazing and bring charges.


How can we beat hazing in high school sports?

Those aware of the problem expect help from coaches, who often have very personal relationships with athletes and are in a position of influence. Unfortunately, a substantial number of these coaches accept hazing as a necessary part of the high school sports experience. In a study conducted by Dr. Susan Lipkins… How can we beat […]


High school hazing: ‘It’s not an isolated problem’

New York based psychologist Dr. Susan Lipkins calls the community reaction to hazing allegations a “second hazing.” High school hazing: ‘It’s not an isolated problem’


Sayvreville Hazing ESPN Outside The Lines

Bob Ley interviews Dr. Susan Lipins on the Sayvreville Hazing.


Dr. Lipkins will be on CNN at 10:45 pm tonight to talk about the Sayreville War Memorial High School in NJ, hazing case.

Changing The Hazing Culture

Incidences of hazing happen all the time, but the problem can be difficult to gauge because many involved practice a strict code of silence. Interview with Dr Lipkins on


Effects Of Hazing Live Long After College

INSIDE EDITION spoke with Psychologist Dr. Susan Lipkins about how hazing can still effect a person long after they have graduated from college.


Dangerous hazing on the rise

Hazing is on the increase across the United States and is getting more dangerous, an expert on the subject said Friday. Dr. Lipkins comments


Miss America – Sorority Hazing Allegations

Kira Kazantsev is facing anonymous allegations that she was involved in “exceptionally harsh” hazing. Dr. Susan Lipkins comments