Point of View

One of my goals is to integrate psychology into everyday life so that everyone has the benefit of understanding why they do what they do and how to change thoughts, feelings and behavior. To do this, I am sharing my knowledge which is based on years of experience and training. I am a psychologist in private practice in New York and I work with people as young as 2 and as old as 92!

I believe that there are different strokes for different folks, and therefore treatment plans must match the person’s beliefs and values. There are times, however, that other options are more reliable, more efficient, or just plain necessary. I hope to present many different points of view, about a wide array of topics, so that you can educate yourself about your choices. FYI, each doctor or professional has his or her own personal style of assessing a problem. That means that if you visit 10 doctors you may get 10 different answers. This is true for pure medical issues and especially true for psychological problems. Therefore, if you are unsure about a treatment, if it is not working well, I encourage you to seek a second opinion. All true professionals welcome this.