Why Kids Don’t Want to Sleep

Darkness is traditionally the time that bad things happen. Why? Because we can’t see as well at night, and because there are shadows and sounds that we pay attention to during the day.Any fears or anxieties that your child may have seem to be concentrated at bedtime. This may occur because it is the first time that your child had a chance…


Sleep Hygiene for Babies and Children

No matter how old your children are it is likely that they could cause sleepless nights. Sleep Hygiene are habits that are essential to healthy minds and healthy bodies, for both you and your kids.


What Kinds of Monsters Haunt Your House?

The Hungry Monster

This monster may be legitimately hungry. It commonly happens when kids eat an early dinner, or when kids are on medicine that reduces their appetite during the day (like Ritalin, and other stimulants used for A.D.H.D. and A.D.D.) It also happens when kids are growing and simply do not eat enough during the day.


The Sleepy Teen

Teens are more sleep deprived than any other age group. Everything in their lives works against them in terms of getting the amount of sleep they actually need.

Internal Clock: Teens secrete melatonin later in the day as compared to children and adults. This means they are not sleepy in the evening, and have energy deep into the night. However, they are tired in the morning, and are less alert.



Co-sleeping is common in many cultures. Newborns, babies and children go to sleep in their parents’ bed, and sleep with them throughout the night.

Often children stay in the parental bed until they are 8 or 10 years old. Parents who encourage co-sleeping believe it helps children bond.

I believe that co-sleeping is not helpful to either the parent or child.


Research on Sleep and Children

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