Sexting Uncovered


So what drives people to sext? Is it damaging or does it free us from social constraints? And what are the rules for safe sexting?

And we’ll also delve into the mind of the sexter with DR SUSAN LIPKINS – a psychologist who has carried out online research into sexting.


Parental talks about sexting should start young.


Experts agreed parental talks about sexting should start young,
even before middle school.

While most preteens and younger children probably aren’t swapping sexually explicit media on their phones, one or two kids can start a dangerous trend, according to child psychologists. Here’s how to talk to your younger child about phone safety.


How to Talk with Kids About Tragic Events in the News


Another way to minimize stress is to normalize your child’s day, says Susan Lipkins, PhD, a psychologist and nationally-recognized expert in Port Washington, NY, who specializes in traumatic issues/events which confront children, tweens and teens. “There’s comfort in the routine.”


The New Normal…a View from the Eyes of a 14-Year Old


“Where can one be safe, ever? Is this the new normal?”
asks a 14 year old.

(NEW YORK) – Imagine the Newtown, CT tragedy through the eyes of an impressionable 14 year old. She was just born when Columbine happened and was too young to understand 9/11. A little bit more seeped in when Virginia tech occurred, and then there were more shootings at malls and movie theaters. Now this.


U.S. Sandy Hook Shooting Survivors Should Be in School,


“It’s a good idea that kids go back to school as soon as possible and normalize and get accustomed to a routine,” said psychologist Susan Lipkins. “You want to make it as familiar and easy as possible so the transition is as smooth as possible for teachers, faculty and the children.”


Sexting: How typical is Anthony Weiner’s behavior?


On Tuesday, Weiner, 48, a New York City mayoral candidate, held a news conference admitting that he continued to engage in inappropriate online chats even after he was forced to resign from Congress in 2011 because he had sent graphic messages — including lewd photos of himself — to women on Twitter.


Size matters: Subway worker fired for X-rated Footlong photo


A sandwich maker at a Subway franchise has been fired for putting his own meat on the bun, the company has confirmed.


Sexting…Is It All About Power?

Sexting…Is It All About Power?

We conducted an online psychological survey that investigated sexting behaviors and power. We found that 66% of the group sexted. A description of the study and the complete results are presented here. Sexting is an important topic because it is a risky behavior that may endanger lives. However, it is also a widespread phenomenon that is prevalent among people between the ages of 13-26; namely those who have grown up with digital technology.


Stop Yelling: Improve Behavior


All parents want their children to be “well-behaved” and so they discipline them. I believe that some kinds of discipline are more effective than others. But ultimately our task is to teach children self-control so they can navigate through life all by themselves.

One way to improve behavior is to reinforce a behavior by giving rewards.


Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

OCD teaser

Are You Obsessive? Or Compulsive?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (also known as OCD) is a psychological problem that is driven by anxiety.