Hazing in Hockey

hazing in hockey teaser

CBC reporter Chris Glover hosted a live chat with CBCNews.ca readers on Tuesday about hazing in hockey.

Also taking part in the chat were hazing victim Carson Shields, Hockey Manitoba’s Peter Woods, Hockey Canada’s Todd Jackson, and hazing psychologist Susan Lipkins.


Coping with Tragedy in Newtown, Conn.


It is difficult to talk with teens on a good day, and far harder after the horrific tragedy in Newtown, Conn. It is important to begin your conversation by being calm and collected, open to hear whatever your teen may say.


Parent Prank Gone Too Far?


Dr. Susan Lipkins response to “mother pranks 8 year old son”.




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Interviews: Hazing


Hazing: Interviews with Dr. Susan Lipkins

Interview with Katie Couric – Hazing
Suppressing Temptation of College Hazing Rituals – PBS Newshour

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Meet Dr. Susan Lipkins


Dr. Susan Lipkins, a psychologist for over twenty years, is a leading expert in the field of hazing. She specializes in campus conflict and violence in high schools and colleges. She has appeared as an expert on NBC’s The Today Show, The YES Network Magazine Special Report: The Scarlet Lettermen, and has been interviewed on many radio programs.


Medical Causes of Sleeplessness


Sleep issues can be caused by a number of issues and the symptoms can  often be confusing. Here is help in determining what your sleep issues  might be and to help you obtain that good nights sleep you are seeking.


Betrayal Video


Betrayal tells the story of two hazings in high school. Meet Jake, a victim of a hazing in Louisiana: and Pat and Carol, the parents of hazing victims who were on the Mepham football team.

This introduction to my film captures some of the elements of hazing and the psychological effects it has on those who have been scarred. For further information about this film please contact me.


Horse Whisperer

Horse Whisperer

Here is a two part video (18 min) that shows Monty Roberts training a horse that has been rescued from abuse.